Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Elbow, Elbow, Wrist, Wrist

Well, this has been quite the week in our household, with D leaving, my great uncle's passing, school winding down for the kids, and for me as well for the quarter. D has not called since Monday evening and I am not sure when I will hear from him again, we just continue to pray that he can tolerate whatever he is enduring.

On the CC front, I had an awesome happening a while ago that I have not yet blogged about, but think I shall now as several upcoming events involve this happening. A month or so ago, I was notified that I had received a National Jefferson Service Award through my employer and that it involved publicity for our organization (Tabitha USA) as well as a trip to the national awards in D.C. in June and, here is the kicker (and if you did not know where I lived before, this will be a dead-giveaway - and speaking of which, since I am not really anonymous anyway, I am going to start sharing some pictures) I get to ride on a float in the Indy 500 Parade. Yep, that will be me, waving atop my employer's float, doing the elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist wave like a proper princess...ah hem. I was so very excited about this, until the Parade committee refused to allow me to take Doodle and Meesta, kids must be 10 and mine are but 7. SO, they will be hanging with my nanny and her husband at his employers' place of business along the parade route (which is fabulously convenient) and her daughters (who have donated their own money to Tabitha over the years) will be smiling and waving on the float with me.

So, that will be me, atop the float, waving like a goober, but hopefully having fun!



Dedicated said...

Wow, I know a princess. A real live princess. How cool!

Okay, so I only really know you through blogging, but I'm telling everyone I know, that I know a princess. I'll just leave a couple facts out.

Are the kids terribly disappointed? How can they not be allowed? My tee-ball kids even road on a float in a parade. Total bummer for them.

Get them both cameras - maybe disposables and tell them to get all the shots of the parade (cause you can't watch it). Then after words, create an art project of all their shots to display. Not only for their mommy, but daddy too.

Christina said...

Wow have you had a week. Glad there's some good mixed in with the bad!! That is a great thing and an award totally deserved - you rock and I love that you get to be in a parade! :-)
Praying for all of you and for D too!