Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Baaaackkkkk!

Where did she go? What happened to her? Did she have a tremendous episode of stress or overeating or both? Fear not, I have returned and have missed this blog and the cathartic effect it has on me.

Where have I been? Cambodia actually, thanks for asking.

Yes, I will let that little secret out of the bag, that is where my extra-curricular efforts are directed, the country of Cambodia. It is a sad, beautiful, and haunting country that has entranced my husband and I since we adopted our twins in 2002. It is the country that our not-for-profit supports and the country where our older two daughters still reside. We are forever tied to this country.

We journeyed there to build 10 houses for desperately poor families AND to spend some quality time with our older girls. It was a great trip, one that introduced a young friend of ours to another world outside of our little midwest insulated enclave. It was a GREAT trip, exhausting, but great.

There is lots to tell and lots to still have my miniature brain process, but that will take some time. I just wanted to break the ice and post that I am alive and well, just v. busy.

More soon, I promise.


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Christina said...

I'm so glad you're back. I missed you. :-)