Saturday, July 22, 2006

Team Shirts

Conversation after breakfast this morning between D and C&C, "Would you guys like to play soccer this fall if we can get you scheduled?"

CA: "Yeah, that would be great!"

CM: "Well, um, I can't because I don't have a team shirt."

Can you figure out who is the girl and who is the boy? D and I had a good laugh over this one as we explained that you get the "team shirt" once you sign up and play.

This did get my brain churning though, how important belonging is and how much we care whose team we are on. We have been able to get a wonderful line of communication going with our girls in Cambodia through email and of course, after our recent trip. It is fantastic and does my heart so much good. The girls are very affectionate and seem to really revel in the thought that they are part of our family, that they wear our team shirts. I thank God for this peace within them and within myself. I am proud that they know they would get our team shirts, that is, if we had them.

Go Team C! (no, not a cheerleader...hush up)


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