Monday, April 16, 2007

Adam and Eve

Since D is educating me while he is in seminary, I thought I would bring you along when I see/learn things of interest. This painting is by Marc Chagall and was created in 1912. Spend a little time with it, get to know it, and we can discuss at a later date. I looked at it and thought, huh?! D however, was much more philosophical and provided an interesting approach to interpreting this work.

Talk more about this in a few days...enjoy.



D said...

Oh my, I know nothing of art. The oils in my home were painted by by uncle who is an artist. I tease that I will be rich, when he is dead. (hope that don't happen).

The picture, to me, is rough and busy, not relaxing at all. I even feel stress looking at it. Maybe because my eyes aren't sure what they see.

The title of your post, makes things the wavy shape of the snake, the snake head looking at me on the top, eyes, fruit, feet. The only firm things I see???? are the Goat and the tree above.

As you can see, you most likely won't want to go to the Art Institute of Chicago with me. I have the same visions there.

cc said...

Interesting D, had not even seen the snake... I will share what Dirk thought and what I thought in the near future.