Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wishing Flower

As we were riding home in the van today, Meesta points out a field of "wishing flowers". Having not heard of this kind of flower, I look in the direction he is pointing and see it is a field of dandelions, both the yellow variety and the puffy white almost gone dandelions.
Wishing Flowers. How cool.
I will now forever think of these as the wishing flower. Thanks Meesta for making me see things in a better way, a more beautiful way, a completely pure way. All 3 of my cherubs have so much to teach me about living life in a better and less rushed way. I PRAY that I take the time more often to hear these lessons and stop to blow a wishing flower.

Things have been REALLY busy lately, more so than usual...finals time for D and both the Doodle and Meesta are playing softball and baseball, respectively. This has led me to even less time at home and feeling less in control of my house and organization. BUT, the kids are having a ball and Shenzy walks around all of the time positively exclaiming "SOFTBALL" in an almost clear manner. So, I am sucking it up and spending a lot of time chasing Shenzy around the ball diamonds, fun.

I pledge to learn more from my kids, they have so many important lessons to teach me! Life is THIS GOOD, praying not to find it so challenging...


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Christina said...

I love the concept of softball/baseball. And I like to take in a good game with the family. But I can't say I was too disappointed when A~ decided not to do little league this year!!
Wishing you lots of sunshine and playgrounds at every ballpark this spring! :-)