Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Racecar Supercar

My meesta has a beautiful imagination, he has been developing a vehicle over the past several years, it is called the Racecar Supercar and unlike lots of fleeting fascinations, this one has stuck. This car, which he wants to patent since his mommy explained what that means, is all-purpose, all-wonderful, all-powerful. I think it could even wipe for you if I suggested that to him...which I won't be doing.

So, let me take you for a journey on the Racecar Supercar...
  • It holds up to 10 people
  • It goes underwater and then becomes like a submarine with a telescope
  • It has seats that fold out into beds
  • Each person has their own tv that also allows for videogames
  • It has a kitchen
  • It has a bathroom
  • It can fly
  • It can tow my minivan
  • It can always find D and I, no matter where it is in the world, it can track us down
  • It sometimes will not allow kids under 3 inside (think Shenzy)
  • It goes SUPER FAST
  • It is orange and has racing stripes
  • It can drive ON the water
  • He and Doodle plan to live on it
  • It can squirt out slime for bad drivers around it
  • Meesta is the only one who can operate it
  • It can disappear

These are but a few of the qualities that the Racecar Supercar has developed over the last 2+ years. Meesta and I went on a "date" to get his haircut last week and the entire time, and I am not kidding, the entire way there (~20 minutes) and back (another ~20 minutes), he discussed this car. This is when I brought up the topic of patent and explained why he needed one, because everyone was going to want this thing once he gets the prototype done.

Long live the imagination of a child, it is inspiring and freeing.

I LOVE my kids.



D said...

Let him know I would like to have this car, if he makes it affordable :-)!

Then suggest that the car be powered by dual fuel - Solar power and hydro power - with global warming, this will help sales and the earth.

Finally, he needs to know, some of us like those under 3 and that rule should be adjustable by the consumer. It's hard being the baby!

Christina said...

I'm liking the bathroom and bed-seats... sounds like a great way to travel! I bet he'd really like an RV! ;-) (ummm, except they don't go super fast or drive on water or disappear....)
What a great imagination he has!