Friday, April 27, 2007

A Virtual Hug

Blogs are so cool. I am beyond addicted and have my favorites that while I may not check them everyday, there is something about them that keeps me coming back for more. I have my friend G to thank for this addiction - she introduced me a few years ago while we were on the same team at work and I have been a gonner since then...thanks G!

I love how this blog will then have links to other blogs they like and so on and so forth and before you know it you are reading about a backpacker saving the world in Nepal. Too cool, really, it is a whole new world. Sometimes you read inspiring happy things and sometimes emotional, touching posts.

I check out Tertia at her blog So Close, she went through infertility and then had b/g twins (much younger than our Doodle and Meesta) and now has written a book, she is a witty and sassy chic from South Africa and since one of my very best friends originates from S.A., I am always drawn to her charming self. She talks about everything and is an open book about a lot of things that I am sure help others who are experiencing infertility. She even does some great "charity drives" to help others out, capitalizing on her big readership. Well, she posted a few weeks ago about a woman, another mom of b/g twins who she had been alerted to who was about to lose her husband from cancer.

Meet Snickollet. Now, I have never met Snickollet, never chatted with her on email, but through her blog, I feel a personal sense of loss for her kids (who are not yet 1) and for her since her dear GH died. She is suffering a loss that would be like drowning for me, yet it continues and never really ends. Cancer took her husband, Much Too Soon. Her story has helped me to stop and think about the time and attention D and I pay to each other. Because of our busyness it is really hard to take time for each other, but Snick's story helps me put it all into perspective. Time is short, enjoy it to the fullest while you can. We are never promised tomorrow.

I have wished Snickollet well and have prayed for her and the babies. I cannot fathom doing the twins thing on my own, it was hard enough doing it with D and I. Snick seems like a strong and extremely capable woman who is holding her own amazingly well. I am sure a few virtual hugs could do her some good though.


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