Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Incident in the Parking Lot

Well, the incident happened the other night. It is somewhat of a repeat for me, unfortunately. One would think I would not have ever let it happen again. The last time this incident happened I was in college. I was driving home with my best friend then to our home town and well, I just couldn’t control it. It just, well, happened – despite my best intentions.

Well, it happened again, yesterday. D and the kids were with me and I was in the parking lot of a strip mall of sorts. Let me set the stage, at least in my defense…

The twins had gotten the little free personal pan pizza from reading books and so we went to Pizza Hut. I drank 2 diet sodas. We then decided to go and get CA’s hair cut in the strip mall, so we all went in, no biggie, hair cut, we are out. Well, I had to go to the bathroom, but it seems I always do, and well being the martyr mom that I am, I thought, oh I can wait until we get home.

So, as we are walking out of the hair cutting place, CA accidentally hits his little noggin on a side mirror of a car, HE WAS FINE, but D and I both laughed…he did too, it was funny – you had to be there. I should also add that I was carrying SK, our adorable monster 2-year-old…and she is HEAVY. Well, the laughter did it, I could not hold it.1.MORE.SECOND.

I peed the parking lot. All I could do was stand there helplessly and laugh, uncontrollable, with a puddle growing around me. As soon as D realized what had happened, he just starts laughing uncontrollably, which makes me laugh harder – and well, have you ever been able to hold it while laughing??? No, I think not.

We did not tell the kids what happened, they did ask why mommy was sitting on the towel in the middle row seat – I just told them because I wanted to. I wanted to tell them the truth, but knew they would go to school and tell their teacher that their mommy had an accident. It was certainly memorable and we laughed a lot.

Oh yes, back in college, I peed my car – my OWN CAR that I was still making payments on…same situation, trying desperately to hold it but my best friend started laughing at my discomfort and pain and literally ½ block from my mom’s house, out it came…how awful. I had to air my car out for some time, not pretty.

Last night I was even worried that I would dream about it and pee the BED! This did not come to pass fortunately…Thank GOD.

This was a good dose of humility and embarrassment and I was ever so glad that D was my best friend as well as my husband at that moment…

Life is this good…even in wet pants and soaked shoes…



Anonymous said...


Oh my, good idea not to tell the kids.

cc said...

Embarrasing - and yet, funny. Life is short...might as well laugh about it, right?