Sunday, October 01, 2006

Did God Use Me?

D's seminary classes have my mind buzzing to new topics and opening my eyes to different ways to view religion in general. One of his papers that I edited recently (he has a built in editor in me;) mentioned something about how God can use you to speak to others. I found it interesting but did not think much more than that...until the next day.

I don't always remember my dreams, actually rarely, but last week I did remember one, very clearly. It was about a lady who works at the same place that I do, we used to work on the same "team" but not for very long and we didn't really even like each other much, both too much of a "driver" personality. I see her fairly often and we always say hi, but that is about the extent of our relationship, I don't know much about her in general or her personal life.

All that to tell you that my dream was that I saw her in the hall and she told me that she and her husband had adopted 2 children from Russia and that she was unexpectedly pregnant - and not so happy about it. Odd dream, no?

Well, the next day I happened to see this lady and it triggered my memory that I had dreamt about her. I proceeded to tell her and she just stopped and pulled up her shirt sleeve to show me her goosebumps. She and her husband are talking about adopting 2 children, from Russia. AND, one of her big fears is that she would then get pregnant. This gave me goosebumps too.

What does this mean? I am really not sure, but as I processed this interaction, I realized that maybe God had used me to either persuade or dissuade (??) her to proceed with the adoption. I guess time will tell. I don't recall ever having such a specific dream and it truly having meaning to anyone other than myself.

I likely won't forget this one anytime soon.



Anonymous said...

God uses us everyday. We just aren't always privy to whats happening.

Maybe she and her husband should do both, adopt and give birth. A big family is the best and the only way to go! At least for me. I love them all.

I think you agree. I can hear in your words the love you have for your kids and husband. That is the true riches of the world. and beyond!

cc said...

I could not agree more, they are what makes the world go around.

Anonymous said...

oooh, that is a cool story. Hard to say what exactly God was doing, but clearly he was doing something!