Sunday, October 08, 2006

Moon Cakes

Given that we are an international family, we take that seriously and feel it is our responsibility to teach our children as much about their birth culture as we can, within reason.

Well, it is Moon Cake Festival time for the Chinese and we felt that Shenzie (using nicknames, tired of letters...) should experience Moon Cakes, so I got creative. One of the international adoption listserves posted several recipes so I decided to make it happen.

Here is a picture of a traditional Chinese Moon Cake:

Well, my recipe was a bit more simplistic - and then I filled them too full of jelly (not into red bean paste)...but they were still very yummy. I even took them to work and shared them with my fellow Chinese adoptive parents and some of my Chinese friends (and they told me they were very tasty)!

Here is a picture of my Moon Cakes, with a glimpse of my Shenzie looking on to her mom's marvelous, yet not very pretty, Moon Cakes.

Here's a Moon Cake Toast to our kids, for enriching our lives, adding joy and culture beyond our wildest imagination. They are loved more than life itself!


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Anonymous said...

Wow, I am SO impressed! I think I'd be proud of myself if I even found a good place to buy mooncakes. LOL.