Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Hits Keep Coming

Well, our nice day staying home yesterday with a calm little sweetie, that was cake compared to today, it was actually nice.

Well, D left early to go swim and so I started the day by myself. No biggie in theory. Well, I heard the kids' toilet flush so I walked out of our bedroom and coming down the hall was my dear Doodle. I said good morning Doodle and she just let out this animal-type howl and starts arching her back...terrifying. I immediately picked her up and tried talking to her and kept repeating her name, she was shaking like a leaf, but not jerking. I assumed we were in the middle of another seizure, a place I was hoping that I would never be again. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was shaky but not the violent grand mal jerking. This put me into a terrified mode though. I didn't want to call 911 as the first time this happened to Doodle in January, there were literally 20 men in my house, terrifying her even more and scaring the other 2. I decided to call a good friend who is an EMT and he told me to go with my gut, then he showed up at my house 5 minutes later for support. Then out sitter's husband showed up to get Meesta and Shenzi, we have some very good friends.

D called me back and we met 1/2 way to take her to the ER. Bottom line, they checked her out and she seems fine now, temperature was exactly normal, but we are seeing a neurologist next week. We are hoping that nothing is found, but also want to make sure she gets the treatment she needs if she does have something wrong.

The ER doc thinks that she had an aura of a seizure and that she was both scared and likely the seizure was imminent and that led to the sound she made, she wanted to tell me, was almost crying, and couldn't get anything out. She was able to tell me later that she did feel "weird" and that later she felt "normal". I hate that she understands this to some level, but am glad that she is able recognize what is happening with her body.

This hospital just so happens to be the same one that my uncle is in, so I called my aunt in his ICU room and she came down. She is not doing well. Everytime something good is discovered about how the chemo treatment is going, they find something else bad. She is terrified and is getting so frustrated by all that she does not know. I feel so very horrible for her. They are just going through so much...please keep them in your prayers.

The bad thing about Doodle's neurologist appointment - the one they are "squeezing" her into because it takes weeks to get into this guy because he is "the best" (per the ER doc) - is next week, the same day and time that my promotional review that I have to present myself at is...go figure. Obviously, I will try to reschedule my promotional review at work - but if they refuse, my priority is without question with my daughter, that is where I will be. My company is good though and I am very hopeful that they will get me rescheduled without issue.

A good thing - my good friend Chris is going to Vietnam tomorrow!!!!! They have waited a very long time for their little guy and I am so very happy for their family.

**I have read 2 books recently and mean to give a review of them. That is a RARE treat that I have read 2 books.

All for to check on Doodle for the 100th time today. My guard was down for seizures after 10 months...but it is definitely up now.


D said...

My prayers are with you and your little one. I can't imagine what you are going through.

Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

Just found a minute to read your blog... I hope little Doodle is okay... when the doctor appt? Praying for her and your family!