Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well, I have been officially sidelined - not a place I am used to being. Monday I worked from home because I felt so awful and had a project I absolutely needed to finish. Yesterday, I knew Doodle was getting sick, coughing and yet protesting that she was fine and could go to school - so against my better judgement, I allowed her to go. She did fine but by bedtime last night she had a fever and was very docile. So, today she and I and Shenzi are home. Our sitter is coming to get Shenzi when she picks up Meesta at school, this will ensure that Doodle gets the calm and rest that she needs.

I did not anticipate staying home today though and did not bring home my work laptop...I guess my coworkers will have to survive without me today. I always feel helpless and in the dark when I am not informed, I will survive though. Hopefully I will get some rest today too and that will be good for all!

All for now...



Anonymous said...

Work will make it without you, your baby needs you.

Enjoy the time!

Anonymous said...

Think of it as an unplanned vacation day. :-) Staying home with cuddly sick baby beats work any day!

cc said...

Thanks D and Chris, it was a nice day cuddling with my girl. Those times are few and far between already it seems and she is only 5! They are so precious!