Friday, October 06, 2006

We did it - In the garage...

Yes, we did, tonight in the garage - but it is not what you think, get your heads out of the gutter...we danced. It was fantastic, impromptu, and deliciously romantic. Yep, in the garage.

Now that D is in seminary full time plus working 30+ hours/week, we don't have much quality time together. His head is constantly in a book and I am busy keeping the house in order/managing my own job and the not-for-profit/taming the adorable monsters that call us mom and dad. We are doing great though, but I do miss my time with him.

Well, this evening after the kids were in bed, he was helping me do some stuff in the garage this evening with our not-for-profit and we had the radio playing and all of a sudden, he was grabbing me for a dance. Ahhh, it truly made my heart go pitty pat. I do LOVE that man!

Here's to all my cyber friends - may you feel the love too, it is incredible!


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Anonymous said...

awwwwwww... that is so sweet and romantic. Go D! ;-)