Friday, August 25, 2006

Birthday Party - The Dread

Tuesday, our little S, will mark 2 years on this earth. She has had lots of changes in her little life. She was born somewhere near Jingdezhen, China and now lives in podunk Midwest USA. Now, I am all for celebrating our daughter's 2nd birthday - what I dread is the p a r t y, we are having it tomorrow.

Is anyone else like me and truly dreads the family party? It is not that I don't value family, I truly do. I just don't enjoy them all being in one place at one time, both D's family and my family. You are not only being the host, but you are making sure everyone is taken care of, nothing is destroyed, and that your children are also being nice to all relatives. It is just too stressful!

Then, there are the gifts. The kids open gift after gift, sometimes not remembering who gave them what, and it just seems like an ungrateful atmosphere where I feel pressure to make sure the birthday kid (or kids for the twins) are thanking the appropriate people, etc.

I hate it. I would rather have each family member over separately or in small groups, but our schedule prohibits this.

What would I like you ask? I LOVED what we did with the twins this year, we packed up and took the train to Chicago for the weekend, we had a ball! We had no party, there were no gift parades, and we all had a good time. The kids never even seemed to miss the traditional party because they knew we were having a special birthday celebration in Chicago. We are going to try to implement this more often for more birthdays, it was far more enjoyable.

Oh well, wish me sanity for tomorrow, I am going to need it.

On the positive, Tuesday is her real birthday, and we will begin the fun adventure of potty training. I will be none to sorry to see diapers go - I have always detested changing them, YUCK!


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