Thursday, August 17, 2006

Inspiring and Heavy - and BLOGS galore

Well there are some serious decisions that have been going on around our household, nothing bad, just big changes. Most are exciting, but a big change nonetheless. This one big change has had me blog surfing and oh my gosh, how I LOVE blogs. I love reading about other peoples' lives, their experiences, their advice, their inspiration, and their sorrow.

In our ever-increasing efforts to reduce our debt, I have found lots of cool blogs out there about real people trying to do the exact same thing. Check out the following cash savvy blogs, I have enjoyed them:

The Great Debt Payoff

Blogging Away Debt

Taking Control Over Money

Divorce to Financial Freedom

Now for the heavy, and inspiring...these decisions, you know the big ones I mentioned, well, they have had me going to military blogs. They are amazing, articulate, and heartbreaking but also full of hope and love. These women have endured the ultimate heartache, the loss of their beloved husband and father to their children. They both describe the moment when they were told, seeing the stern military people at their door and knowing without even having to be told.

I could not stop reading these strong women:

Learning to Live

Life After Iraq

I truly cannot imagine their heartache, the suffocating feeling of loss that must cloak you so pervasively for so long. It is heartening to hear their movements forward, but the loss never seems to be too far from their minds. May God be with these brave women as they learn a new norm. Their stories have been very heavy and present in my heart and in my throat since I read them. I thank them for being so open about their ultimate loss.

The heavy decisions will be announced when they are finalized...


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