Monday, August 14, 2006

Kindergarten - Then College

Tomorrow is the day, I truly can't believe it. CM and CA go to kindergarten. It seems like only yesterday D and I were sitting on the floor of a Cambodian orphanage marveling at their tiny everythings. We were in awe, of them and of our new responsibilities. When I think back to how overwhelmed we were on our first trip to visit them (1st birthday) and then when we were finally able to fly over and bring them home, I honestly don't know how we survived. Thank God the kids did since we had NO CLUE what on earth we were doing.

There have been many ups and a few downs as we have fumbled our way along parenting these amazing little people. There were double the diapers, bottles, teething, and baby food for a while. Then we moved on to the inevitable potty training, learning to talk, run, fight with each other and slowly develop into the coolest little people I have ever known. I am biased, yes, I do realize that. HOWEVER, lots of other people tell us what great kids we have, and not JUST because they are so adorable, which they are.

There are lots of firsts on our horizon right now, they are beginning school - we even needed dedicated gym shoes. They are both going to play soccer (and they are so cute in their cleats and shinguards). They are going to meet lots of new kids since their preschool was in a different town than their regular school...and we are going to meet lots of new kids AND parents. Most of the time, I rather prefer the kids. They will likely learn things I don't want them to learn. I know, this is part of growing up, I am trying to let go, but it is hard.

Lots of firsts and it feels in my head and heart as if we are starting a little ball of twine rolling that will get going faster and faster until before I am able to stop the ball, we will be packing for college. I think this fear of mine is aggravated by the fact that CA is determined that as soon as kindergarten is over, he is off to college. Now he is a very bright little boy, but I doubt he is that bright. Conversations to have with him another day...

We get to go with them tomorrow, stay for an hour and leave with them. Wednesday is the REAL first day. I need my Prozac.

Life is This Good...


D said...

Thanks for bringing up the memories! I sat outside my oldest child's room and cried when he went to Kindergarten. It was a big day for him, but very hard for me.

Good Luck to you and the kids! I can't imagine 2 at the same time. I would have to be heavily medicated.

Giddy said...

ah, now I remember why I never leave a comment. I hate having to log in!

yep, though, kindergarten is something else.