Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Good - The Bad - and the Glasses

Today is one of those days.

I feel like crap, massive muscle aches thanks to my period, usually the symptoms don't hit me very hard as I am on the pill, but this has been a bad one. I have stayed home from work. I am here, in the big comfy chair, blanket on my lap, laptop on top of that, watching the scary news of the terrorist plot that was foiled, and waiting for the thunderstorms to appear as the news keeps telling me they will.

On top of that, there has been a great unfairness in my world. Not one that I can completely share as you never know who might read your blog in this great big cyberworld. But, let us suffice to say that life really is not fair sometimes. In fact, I am sure this unfairness (being way mild in calling it "unfairness" btw) is adding to my mood and physical symptoms. Someone was able to get something done that I have waiting patiently and appropriately to get done - that is not likely to happen for me and my family. In fact, this person has gotten this thing done about 4 times to my 0! Now this thing is beyond the unfairness of she got more cookies than me or they gave her more fries in her Happy Friggin Meal - this is a big deal. It is personal, it frustrates me to the very core of my being, and it makes me question my own approach. I try to be a good person, I try to follow the rules, I try to follow the virtue of acting as if God is watching all of the time. In my dream world, this would be enough to make my life fair, yes, I know that does not mean I would get everything I would want, but this thing, it is something that is not like I want another pair of expensive shoes. I. AM. PISSED. I believe my only solution is to go to the garden and eat worms.

Enough of the bad, on to other things.

My friend Chris FINALLY got some good news, you are almost there my friend, hang tight, Zeeb will be in your home and not just in your heart very soon!

My great-grandma is doing much better. I have been trekking to her town about every other day at this point which is a reduction from every day while she was in the hospital and her first few days at the nursing home. She seems to feel much better and she is talking more and seems to know who everyone is all the time. She even knows my SK, who it would be okay if she forgot her name, but she knows her and all, so that makes my heart feel good. There is also a little nurses aid at the nursing home who seems to be benefitting from our family being there. She was there the first evening grandma was there and I did my best to engage her at that point because I truly believe that grandma will get treated better if they see her as someone's beloved family member. That is just human nature. She opened up yesterday evening to me and my mom while we were there, sweet young girl is just 20 and she has an almost 1-year-old and she just lost her mom to lung cancer 2 months ago. Bless her heart. She was telling us that she is still very sad and in therapy, etc. We let her talk and I never told her that she was actively doing therapy while talking about it (not only that I am a trained therapist, but that telling your story is a huge part of therapy). See - I am trying to see the silver lining when I can.

And now, on to the glasses. Both CA and CM need glasses and they arrived yesterday. Both are a bit far-sighted and on top of that CM has an astigmatism. Good grief. So, we ordered them last Saturday and they were fitted last evening. I hate to say it, but it truly makes them look like the stereotypical "smart Asian" perception that we all know is out there. They pretty much only need to wear them during school or if working on a computer, not needed for normal daily activities or playing, etc. They seemed not to mind them too much. I am a bit bummed for them though, I wish they did not need glasses, hopefully they will grow out of them. But, they are darned adorable with them on.

All for now, perhaps more later since I am HOME ALONE!

Reminding myself that life is This Good...

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Christina said...

Wow, you have a LOT going on. I am so (SO) sorry about the unfairness. I agree, life does not go according to the rules and that is such a frustrating thing.

Thanks for the encouragement - God willing, we will get more good news next week. I am so done waiting already!

So glad to hear your grandma is doing better, that is just wonderful. And you are very wise to befriend people who work there - it will benefit your grandma, for sure.

It's good you figured out CA and CM needed glasses... I think my K~ waited a little too long and I felt guilty about that. And don't worry, almost no one teases about glasses anymore. In fact some girls wear ones with clear lenses just as a fashion thing. :-)

Hope you are feeling better!