Sunday, August 13, 2006

Did You Know About the Tan?

Okay, quick lesson I feel that I should pass on as it took me far toooo long to learn this. When you are wearing light colors including white, and you are light-skinned, you should wear NOT wear white underwear or slip or bra. I KNOW. Why didn't anyone tell you? I learned this lesson only about 3 years ago. Instead of white, you should wear TAN. Yes, tan, even under white pants or a white top. It works. Like magic. You cannot see the bra or undies.

There are a lot of ladies who do not know this, I can tell because I can see their bras - but only when they are white.

Think Tan.

All for now...


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D said...

You are so right. My grandmother bought me my first tan, what I call natural color, undies and bra years ago. I love them still today and buy more than the whites. You see I am albino in coloring and love to where white, she taught me this by just buying what I needed, no talk.