Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Breather

This evening has been nice, I had NO WHERE to go. The kids and I watched the Tivo'd Monday Deal or No Deal - they love it. Even little S gets into it, it is a riot. She comes up to me seriously, and asks..."mama - deal or no deal", it is so cute. It was nice. I then let them get into our master garden tub and get all pruny and have a ball. We call this our "play bath", most of the time I give them "quick baths" and they are tolerable to them, but the adore play baths.

The cold season is trying to settle into our abode, but we are doing our best to fight the invasion of the germ monsters, besides the guest bedroom is too messy. Most of the people at work have been sick with colds, sinus infections, etc and somehow I have managed to escape it.

Okay, so sad, I am catching up on Tivo'd stuff now that the kids are in bed and watching a Dr. Phil episode (can't help it!). It is truly shocking how some families live - violence in the home, kids involved. Why must idiot adults drag kids into bad situations?

All for now...

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