Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On My Side??

The days are getting much longer, especially for me who feels much better after 8 hours of sleep, as I stay up with D at night while he reads his endless books for Seminary. He is doing so much and I am so proud of him, so I am trying to do my best to be supportive and AWAKE as much as possible. If he has to suffer, I am trying to suffer with him;).

Well, yesterday (Monday) I had a hair appointment at 4 downtown then a church meeting at 7, so it was truly pointless for me to go home until after the meeting. D had the kids for the evening by himself and they all had a good time. I arrived home around 9:30 to the man that resembles my husband, but whose head is bent into a book in a rather sustainable fashion, and decided I needed to be supportive. AND, I always have about 10 million things to get caught up on, so I went to work.

One action was to get C&C’s soccer uniforms clean as they have a game tonight (Tuesday). I went upstairs, gathered all the laundry (or so I thought) and traipsed downstairs to get the machines whirring. [[BTW, those who have the washer and dryer on the same floor as the bedrooms and main bathrooms – you are VERY lucky – I will have this at some point in my life!]] After sorting the myriad of clothes that belong to the 5 of us, the soccer shirts were NOWHERE to be found (yes, I capped that on purpose). This led to a search of the whole *^$) house, including turning on the light in the twins’ room, waking them both up by doing this and finding 1 shirt – yes, just 1, it was CM’s, she was a lucky girl, but I found it between the toy boxes – not where dirty clothes are to go… My dear CA did notice my new hair do, even in his sleepy gaze, this handsome little devil said he liked my hair – some lady in the future is going to thank meJ. I decided that CA was going to be out of luck as I did not have time to find it, and not sure where else to even look?!

This morning, I got up early when D left and went to the dryer to do a switch of laundry from washer to dryer and lo and behold, what did I find staring right at me – CA’s soccer shirt. There is absolutely no other explanation in my mind than God knew that I needed a little extra help, it sent chills down my spine, there is just no way that I missed it in the sorting process, the putting in the washing machine, and then the dryer – no way! So, thanks for the extra help, I need it.

Now, one would think that this extra bit was enough for me for one day – but I am feeling a little extra effort today from God and he is feeling a bit ornery if I do say so myself…there was an idiot driving on the interstate with me this morning, the kind who obviously is not trying to call back work colleagues via voicemail, the kind who needs a fast mustang to compensate for his lacking abilities elsewhere (yeah, I took it there!)…this idiot obviously did not appreciate that a minivan driving mama had dared pass him in his race car. Whatever, I could care less, well after passing him and the other vehicle, I properly got back in the right lane (interstate = fast and slow lane), this idiot gets over and drives right alongside me, purposely, slowing as I need to slow because of the traffic in front of me, I look over to see if I could get over – because I am not paying attention to his game, I am already WORKING, and he is totally smirking and not looking my way. Nu uh – you didn’t! Well, he finally speeds off, trying to leave the silver monster minivan in the dust, and he gets maybe 500 yards in front of me and a big truck with a horse trailer cuts him off and moves into the fast lane – I laughed out loud. I wondered how well he liked his game then. Seriously, why must people be idiots – vehicles are for transportation only in my mind, not games. It is idiots like this that cause accidents – deadly ones. I am sure that he learned no lesson, but I felt like someone was on my side today!

Well, I am writing during my lunch, v. busy at work. Soccer tonight and actually leaving (D&I) during soccer to go to a local university to see a Cambodian speaker tonight – a rare treat.



D said...

I had to chuckle, hopefully with you, while reading this. I have had many days like this. If you laugh, they aren't so bad. I'll tell you what makes you appreciate, non eventfull days.

God is always watching and there with us!

cc said...

I was laughing too, you are right, otherwise I might lose my mind:)!

God is always there and what I need to always remind myself is that he is not there to grant my every wish and whim...