Monday, September 25, 2006

How to Raise a Good Brother, Son, Future Husband

I was in S's bedroom this morning getting her ready and I could hear the twins down the hall getting up and ready for school. They were obviously in the bathroom at the same time and all of a sudden I hear a scolding lashed out from CM to her brother "CA, I DO NOT WANT TO SIT ON THE TOILET LIKE THAT, YOU HAVE TO PUT THE SEAT BACK DOWN WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED!" Well, she told him. They are 5.

This little man of ours has 2 rather bossy sisters and a not-so-soft-spoken mom, he does not stand a chance at being a male pig - and his dad is a most of the time, wonderful role model:)

Seriously, some day, some cute chickie had better not give me any grief because we are creating a wonderful, considerate and thoughtful, toilet seat-putting down gentleman for her to enjoy.

Today was a great and calm evening in our household. D had a meeting at church, so when I got off work and met our sitter, we went to the nearest town where we have paid to be a member of their library (while we also have to pay for our little library in our town, it does not offer much). The kids love the library and so do I, we got some books for them, for me, and a couple of new videos. Although I had to pay for the membership, it has already saved a fortune in books!

We came home, had some yummy meatloaf, carrots and potatoes that I had cooked the night before, and then I read them books at the table while they had a rather boring dessert of goldfish - then it was bedtime!

It was great and I truly treasure these times when we can be calm and I can just enjoy being around them. I like them a lot.



D said...

Meatloaf, books and family - who could ask for anything more.

We solved the toliet seat problem here. After watching a special on 20/20 about the "spray" a toilet projects all over the bathroom. (think toothbrushes- yuck). No one, I mean no one flushes until the seat and lid are down. Some times gross t.v. is good. My bathrooms stay amazingly cleaner too!

cc said...

Good information D - I will have to be alert for gross, yet informative, specials related to this topic, they always seem to cover similar stories multiple times.

As for the meatloaf and books - does it get any better than that? I am with you, I think not.