Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not a Song - Just Music

My son had an interesting comment tonight - that's not a song mom, it's just music. Mmmhhh. He was wrong though because they really did start to sing, but it just made me realize how very diffently they view and categorize the world.

I had the opportunity to email with the twins' teacher today and she described them as a "joy to have in class". Now, she could be lying through her teeth, which I hope she isn't, but I honestly welled up with pride that they are good little people. That is so honestly the goal of D and I, we want to raise good people.

As I type this, my work laptop is also running right next to me and because of the current loggin in restrictions, I must use dial-up and it is SO SLOW! I have been burning the candle at 3 ends - if that is even possible. Yesterday, I scurried to the sitter's house, picked up the kids, sped home (safely...), fed the kids a quick supper, got C&C changed into soccer outfits, sped back to the soccer game (2 towns away), and then enjoyed the company of NO ONE else as our own game had been cancelled! GRRRRR.... I didn't get the message because the phone attached to the answering machine was unplugged - but the answering machine light was on so I didn't realize it - and I didn't get the messages they tried to leave - although they have my email, cell phone and work phone as well as D's. Oh well, right.

Then, today, I missed a dentist appointment for C&C because I thought it was at 3, but it was at 2 - they tried to call our HOME - I WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME. It feels that the powers that be are conspiring against me this week and all seems to be pointing to the fact that I am working too much and am overwhelmed at work. I love my job though and just need to set more limits and try to get even more organized.

Today was my great-grandma's 89th birthday and the kids and I went to visit her. It was a great visit. D is doing great in school, I am so proud of him and all that he is juggling too.

The SIL and BIL who lost everything they owned in the fire, are now renting a house and are being told that their house can be repaired - but will have to be gutted.

Well, that is the update for now.

Despite the craziness, life is This Good...


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