Thursday, September 07, 2006

Camp FIRE!

Things have been busier than busy around here, so please forgive the lack of posts, I have certainly missed writing. Lots to catch up on, not sure where to start.

I, disregarding my better judgment, agreed to go camping over Labor Day weekend with my dear spouse, our 3 children, and on the first night our sitter and her family and on the second night, the previous night's crowd, + D's senior high youth group. All in all, it was not bad, but I was exhausted by the experience. The first night we had an A*^%#le near our area who was so loud and drunk that I came this close (imagine scrunched fingers) to marching over there and giving him a piece of my mind. Anyone that stupid, loud and vulgar though was certainly a redneck with a shotgun in the gun rack of his oversized truck - so because I don't choose to leave my babies and hubbie without my harassment and love for now, I did not go over to tie his nether regions in a knot... The second night, I was armed with the number of the park ranger and cell phone was nearby, but they were actually well behaved, so no need to call. It was exhausting though keeping an eye on my 3, especially because I am one who might be called a bit overly cautious. There are no "safe" parameters, therefore, I feel like I needed to be eagle eyes to make sure the kids didn't wander off or get stolen by the next lunatic! All in all though, the kids loved it and D enjoyed it, and I survived:)

We returned to our house on Monday early afternoon and learned that D's sister and brother-in-law's house had burned, badly earlier that day. It is fairly well charred and nothing inside can be saved, very sad. Fortunately, they had insurance and eventually things will be okay. Their contractor and others have said that they think it is structurally sound, so hopefully so. They have had a very rough year, they both lost their fathers within about a month of each other in January and February of this year, and now this, they need a break!

Work has been very busy, lots of projects, but the days are flying by.

We are hosting a dinner/educational event on Saturday called An Evening in Cambodia and it has been very timeconsuming creating all the pieces, organizing, etc. Hopefully it will be a successful event...but exhausting! We are expecting around 60 people and are just hoping that the event will bless someone's life (or many someones), both here and eventually in Cambodia.

D started seminary this week and he has a lot of reading to doooooo (hear've got some 'splaining to do...)! He is so smart though, he will make it through with flying colors.

S, our youngest, has been exceptionally frustrating lately - she refuses to listen. to anything. at all. GGGGRRRRRRR. I guess the Terrible 2s are here indeed, may God help us all through it.

C&C continue to love kindergarten and truly seem to be learning more and changing so much so quickly. They are both playing soccer and it is funny to see them interacting in a group setting with other kids, without me. My son is FAR more social and outgoing and outspoken than I ever would have guessed. When we adopted him, he was the most introverted child ever, he has changed indeed. CM seems to be pretty good at soccer, despite the fact that she would rather socialize with the other girls - she can't seem to help herself when the ball gets near, she has to go for it. She seems to take after me more than I might realize;)

Well, wish me luck getting everything done and surviving the next few days - including our first official soccer game and the Cambodia event and then a cousin's birthday party on Sunday! I need some Calgon...

Life is still THIS GOOD,

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Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

That is just hearbreaking about your B/S-IL's house burning down. Thank God their family is okay though.

You guys sure are busy! I'd love to see the kids playing soccer - sounds SO cute!