Friday, September 29, 2006

Colorado Sadness Hits Close to Home

I continue to take some emotional hits from the news lately. Since September 11, 2001, I can’t go without my news fix. I guess I have become a bit of a junky. The news that continues to leek out about the recent shootings at a high school in Colorado have me sad and ANGRY. How dare someone do that?! I have been outraged, but then this morning I read something that made it emotionally worse for me, it hit home a bit more…the girl that was killed, she had a twin brother.

My twins have the most amazing bond and if they are even separated for 10 minutes, they honestly miss each other. I am frequently getting on them because if they walk into a room and don’t SEE the other one, they ask where he/she is?! They are usually in the next room, just LOOK. They are tight. It is cool. They are the best of friends and even yesterday, we were having a conversation while driving to a friend's soccer game about decorating the house for Halloween as we had passed by a dramatically decorated house for Halloween. I informed them that if they wanted to do that to their own homes when they grew up – then they could. CA informed me that he would indeed do that and that I could come over to see it. I asked where he was going to live, close to mom and dad or far away – he said far away…with CM. I asked him if he planned to get married (mind you, they are 5), he said yes, he was going to marry CM. I explained that she was his sister and that she would always be his sister, but never his wife. He then asked, rather seriously, if he had married her at Doodie’s wedding (a good friend of mine who got married almost 2 years ago and they were the ring bearer and flower girl). I explained that no, they had not, he than disagreed with me because she had on the pretty white dress and he had on the bow (tuxedo). Awww, the innocence of youth.

Anyway, this story hits so close to home in that I am sure that her twin brother feels as if he has lost a part of himself. I pray that our kids never experience this pain, this injustice, this incredible sadness.

Here is a quote from about the story and a statement about the deceased girl from a family friend, and I will take this challenge/directive seriously and tell you all later what D and I try to do every year already to address this:

“In memory of Emily we would like everyone to go out and do random acts of kindness, random acts of love to your friends or your neighbors or your fellow students because there is no way to make sense of this. It’s what Emily would have wanted.”

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