Sunday, September 24, 2006

Inhumanity of Man

The current headline story in the news is so sickening and sad to me that it makes me question how safe it is to raise children in this society. It is about the "friend" in East St. Louis who first killed her friend by cutting her unborn fetus from her stomach, letting her bleed to death - then killing her other 3 children, placing them in the washer and dryer and then holding a funeral for the dead baby and acting as if it were her own! Seriously, I have heard many things in my time as a mental health counselor - I worked at a Women's Prison and did psychological intakes, I worked in an inpatient PTSD clinic for Vietnam Vets in New Orleans. I have heard some pretty violent and subhuman stuff, but what kind of a mental break must one have to do something like this, to a so-called friend. These 2 women had grown up together and were supposedly friends. What happened?!

I have had disagreements with friends, even recently, they always hurt and there are always two sides to a story - but never have I wanted to physically harm another person. Okay, not quite true, I have on more than one occasion had to walk away from my children because I was so angry - but I did walk away. What makes a person harm someone else in such a manner and not only the cruelty against the woman, but also against her children. Someone like this must be put away for the rest of her life - in solitary - actually, this would be a death penalty case in my opinion. This would probably be letting her off too easily.

This reminds me of the quote from Robert Burns "Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn!"

May God be with the family of both the perpetrator and the family of the victims.



D said...

This news story made me physically ill. I have no idea how a person could hurt another like this. Or the children. I would sooner turn the weapon on myself. What happens to these people to bring out such evil? It must be in their core, or how could they?

cc said...

I wish I knew D, but this one was so particularly disturbing, they all are. The recent one about the man dragging the woman for a mile or so, that one got to me as well. I know that awful stuff has always happened and maybe it is not getting worse, but it sure seems like it is, is it just the media??

Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

I literally couldn't read that story, just the headline made me ill. I think in some people there is a break with reality such that they no longer see other people as "human" ... just look at the Killing Fields. It's horrifying, but I think we need to hear and be horrified or we run the risk of our hearts being hardened to others' suffering.