Saturday, September 23, 2006


My son, the one who stands on the soccer fields kicking the dirt with his cleats, picking grass and flowers and rather aimlessly following the bumblee soccer game that he is to be participating in, yes, that is the one. He.scored.a.goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear it was more exciting than him winning the Nobel Prize or something, now how ridiculous is that! In all fairness, CM scored a goal during their first game and is usually more into it than he is, but this is all about his goal.

He was doing a bit better paying attention to the GAME this time and then all of a sudden, he had the ball and he took it ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FIELD by himself with the others chasing his little frame. D and I and my BF LaLa, along with the other parents from our team, were all cheering and yelling like idiots - me on my feet - it was as if it was happening in slow motion and we were all cheering for him to stop the bomb that was about to blow up the world! Save us CA!!!!!! The grin on his face after he kicked it in was absolutely priceless - he was not quite sure what to do with himself.

It is honestly silly how exciting a 5-year-old's goal was to experience. I guess that is truly what being a parent is all about, I feel their sorrows and their joys - they are truly like having my heart walking around outside of my body.

Now, I know, scoring and winning is not everthing (they don't even keep score - but if they did, we would have been squished every game so far), but this was SO THRILLING!

Soccer Sign Up: $55
Soccer Cleats: $15
Soccer Shorts: $13
Watching your son score a goal: PRICELESS

I will likely have to go on a very strong sedative if any of my kids decide to do something really competitive in school or for life!



Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

YAY for your boy!! That is so cool. I am really bad at my kids soccer games - standing, yelling, the whole deal. Embarrassing really, except 1/2 of the parents are right there with me. ;-)

cc said...

It was so fun! I am loving this scoring and jumping and yelling - they are having a ball and really enjoying the whole experience, which was our goal.