Sunday, December 17, 2006

Busy Time of Year

First, curse you blogger or office desktop downstairs, not sure who to be mad at. I have tried multiple times now to post this weekend, but it has all been from my desktop downstairs and all attempts have been futile, when I hit publish, nothing happens...grrr.

We have had a little boy in our church and Doodle and Meesta's Sunday school class die very unexpectedly and it has just been a total alteration in plans and mindset for that matter. Life is so very short and I must try to remember that I need to enjoy my little beans as much as humanely possible because nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. So incredibly sad.

I only have 2 working days left this year and that is wonderful! I have been keeping up with the NFP work and it is nice to be caught up! Lots of wonderful people are donating in honor of others and that is so heart-warming.

My kids are getting more and more excited about the upcoming holiday, they are fun to watch.

Weight loss took a bit of a diversion yesterday evening at D's office Christmas party. I got right back on today though. I had squeezed myself into a size 10 skirt to take Doodle to the Nutcracker yesterday before the party and while it did prevent me from eating TOOOO much, I still managed to eat a plate plus a bit more... I am truly staying with the program though and doing my best to see it as a new way of life, not an event...

D is struggling to finish all his finals and final papers, he is stressed and this is difficult for me especially to endure. I want to help him and can't but I am doing all the other things like Christmas cards, presents, etc. so hopefully that is relieving any undue stress.

I believe that catches up the latest events. Only 2 more days...Monday and Friday - leaving me Tues, Wed, and Thursday to wrap, do final shopping, and continue to keep the NFP paperwork caught up!

Life is this good...

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