Monday, December 11, 2006

Butt Races and Random Bits

Heard while I was coming down the stairs "come one, we are having a butt race!" Wow, living with young ones is never boring. They have a knack for saying the most unusual things.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but my husband, you know, the good looking one - yes, him, he has this unique talent that has excelled out of practice and is urged on by my utter disgust at this talent. What is this ever so unique skill? Could it earn us extra money? Could it alone get us out of debt, send our kids to college? Well, um, no. He has developed the uncanny ability to take ANYTHING that is said, and truly I mean anything, and somehow turn it into a sexual reference. I am forever rolling my eyes at him and doing the deep sigh thing that shows true exasperation, but it only fuels his fire. You can tell by this alone that he was not an only child and did everything in his power to irritate his 3 sisters. Am I alone? Is this uncommon? I am guessing not, but would love some reinforcement here.

On to paid employment, there are times where I truly feel like I am plopped right in the middle of a Dilbert comic. I would love to further elaborate, but not worth the risk;)...I read Dooce afterall:) I truly wonder how many layers of process and decision-making could be stripped down to create utmost efficiency and financial well-being. I compare this to the running of our not-for-profit which operates on a volunteer-only basis. We have managed to raise over $300,000 since June 2003 - I know the difference is personal passion and everyone can't work for free...but I feel like I could seriously minimize the "layers" and work would still be completed...oh well. Another day, another dollar.

I have been eating well still, will exercise once the kidlets go to bed. D just went for a run in our local little park. He only has until Thursday morning to get to his goal weight and he is still about 5 pounds away. He did inform me though that if he does not meet the weight, they will then do a body fat calculation and he might slide in that way. Only time will tell.

The next 2 weeks are going to be WAY busy for him, so I need to strap on my extra patience and remember that this too shall pass. The kids pretty much won't see him from bedtime tonight until Thursday evening. Sucks.

Okay, all for now.



D said...

You are not alone CC. My husband is the same way, it is crazy. Although, he does make me smile. And of course that makes life good. I think all men keep us enjoying life. It's really a good thing they never truly grow up.

lndsymaria said...

Losing weight can make one feel alot friskier!

Christina said...

Butt racing? I don't think one even needs a gutter mind to get a laugh out of that one!

And ahem, I am the "gutter mind" in our family... the result of being the youngest of 4 I think... (!!)