Tuesday, December 26, 2006

When You Were Our Age

What a Merry Christmas we had, the only thing missing being our girls in Cambodia. They had a nice Christmas though and we exchanged emails. They have yet to receive our package though and I am totally bummed out that my well-planned and expensive package has not yet been received AND they are moving in the next week or so. I would appreciate any prayers that the box get there before they move, please, dear baby Jesus :) (think Talledega nights).

Our kids enjoyed their gifts and we all had a nice relaxing time, including a nap had by all - my kind of day. We used to run here, there and everywhere, but after doing that the first Christmas the twins were home, we put our feet down and said NO MORE. We are staying home and enjoying this time with our kids, we will come by another day. The families have been great and the only compromise is that we go to D's mom on Christmas evening, spending Christmas Eve evening with my mom. We see the rest other times and it is good.

Meesta has developed this obsession about if we did this, that, went here, there or whatever "when you were our age". It is very interesting as he begins to show interest in our lives, our likes and interests and is very curious as to how we were when we were children. I absolutely love seeing things through their eyes.

Well, I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas. I know we did.

Life is indeed This Good...


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