Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gazelle Intense

I have been reading some Dave Ramsey stuff ( since I began my journey to becoming debt free (giving myself 6 years...) and he frequently talks about success coming once you get "gazelle-intense". Well, I am now gazelle intense about weight loss.

I ate very well and healthy all day yesterday, am doing well so far today, and have been taking vitamins and I HAVE BEEN EXERCISING. This is indeed the key. I don't really enjoy exercising, so if I am doing it, I am not going to then turn around and screw it up with bad food. Last night the whole family got involved and we all did the Biggest Loser sculpting workout - rather funny to see a 2-year-old exercising, but also heart-warming to see a 2-year-old exercising. I know we are imprinting a healthy lifestyle on her and I am glad.

As you will see from the ticker on the side, the pounds are coming off - 3.5 already since Monday! Now, I do know that I am losing the low hanging fruit (so to speak), and that it will get much more challenging...but it is motivating indeed!

More later, lots going on at my paid employment and tons to do before Christmas!



Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! Drop those pounds. I also love your punishment. I need to come up with one for myself. You have a great attitude, keep up the good work! CWW

Anonymous said...

WOW! I don't care if it IS "low-hanging fruit"!!! 3.5 pounds in 3 days is AWESOME! Keep goin' girl -- you're my inspiration!

cc said...

Thanks ladies, you guys are helping me to keep honest!

DEBTective said...

Dollface, I'm big-time proud of you for working to deep-six your debt, Dave Ramsey style. Good luck on shedding the pounds and the debt ... you can do it. Good luck, baby!