Thursday, December 21, 2006

Simply Beautiful and Heartbreaking

Well, Tuesday was the funeral for the 5-year-old little boy. It was sad, so very very sad, and yet beautiful.

The ceremony itself was tear-provoking, as would be expected, but it was also nice. There were lots of stories of this little guy and they were nice to hear. The beautiful part came when it is was the open time for family and friends to speak. The dad of this little guy was the first to get up and speak. His first choked words were to his wife, and I have goosebumps thinking about the raw beauty and love he displayed for her. He thanked her for sharing their son with him for the last 5 years, he thanked her for the wonderful way that she parented and loved their children, and he told her he could not go through this without her. If there had been a dry eye, there was not after that. He then went on to address their other 2 children and told them how much their son who passed away had loved and idolized them. Truly beautiful. I am still in awe of his ability to do this, even though he was frequently choked up, it was a wonderful tribute to his son and demonstrated his love for his wife and their children.

I am going to do my best to send notes of encouragement in 2007, once the holiday fervor has died down, to them both. I know I would need that.

This situation has given me new patience with my own children. Life is short, and I need to remember just how wonderful and easy I have it. My children are wonderful little people and I am so proud to be their mom. They are a beautiful reflection of the love my husband and I have for each other and for them.

God Bless All,

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D said...

Johnny Carson once said "When losing your child, the pain never goes away. No one can make it better with their words. What will happen, is you will hurt like hell today. And you will get through. Then you will hurt a little less later, and get through. But it never goes away."

I'm not an exact quoter but the jist is here. One day at a time and trust in God. Even when we don't like his decisions and timing.