Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Great Weight Loss Adventure

I say I am going to lose weight, I do some, then I fall off the wagon for a multitude of different reasons. Sometimes it is out of laziness/exhaustion/lack of time = drive through meals, sometimes it is out of wanting to do what everyone else is doing = eating out/eating wrong, and sometimes it is just because I CRAVE BAD FOOD. I guess this makes me a food addict of sorts and I KNOW it is emotional. Stress = Eat.

Well, 2 things have worked to kickstart my weight loss and I am determined to get it gone this time. I am officially (whoooo serious, right?), yes officially, declaring that I will be at 150 pounds by June 5th. This means a weight loss of exactly 40 pounds from this morning. This means a little less than 2 pounds a week and I will meet my goal. Come on, this is achievable (self motivation...)!

So, what are my 2 motivators and what is my punishment?

Motivator 1: D, my handsome better half, has his physical for the Navy chaplaincy on Dec. 14th - and he just found out about it yesterday. Yesterday morning he was exactly 14 pounds over the weight he should be, so he is on massive attempt to lose weight (in the middle of his final papers and exams for his 4 classes + work + demanding wife + demanding-yet adorable- kids). I know he can do this, but I thought if I was full-force on board with him, he would do much better. So, I shopped like crazy last night and $220 later, came out of the grocery with a plethera of fabulous, healthy, whole food. This is obviously a short-term thing, but I am hoping it is my jumpstart to a healthier way of life.

Motivator 2: D, aforementioned handsome husband, and I are going to take a little trip in early January. Why you ask? V. simple, we miss each other a lot, and we will be celebrating our 12th anniversary on Jan. 1. It is our little treat to ourselves, even though it goes against my paying off debt plan. I think that our relationship and some quality time ALONE together is critical and he agrees, so I would like to look a bit better in a swim suit, which will be required for our destination;).

Besides the above, the obvious desire to look better, feel better, be healthier, and wear ALL THE STINKING CLOTHES hanging in my closet.

Punishment: It was really hard to think of a punishment, being fat is punishment enough, but obviously that has not motivated me...so I thought of something finally. IF I do not meet this, I will post a picture of myself in swim suit to this blog - yes, it is more punishment for those who view it than deserved (poor souls), but I must pick something that would absolutely horrify me. That would do it.

So, watch the progress on the side and root for me will ya?



Anonymous said...

I love your strength and determination. You have motivated me too. I will do this with you and keep you up to date on my progress. Tell D congrats and good luck! CWW

cc said...

I am soooo determined this time. I am not a spring chicken anymore...and if I don't do it now, I am afraid I never will!

Keep checking in!

Kim said...

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.