Monday, December 04, 2006

A Unique Perspective on Adoption

This article provides a unique perspective of what a child likely experiences through the adoption process. While I know that it is obviously earth-shattering for an adopted child to be adopted, especially ones adopted internationally, this still gives me a new look at what they might feel like.

Doodle and Meesta, having been adopted together as twins, likely had a bit of an easier time, because they had each other. I cannot fathom being dropped into a new culture, new air, new water, new food, new people - wow. They were troopers though and we had remarkably few issues with them, again, I think it was in large part because they had each other, a built in partner in crime, someone who understands. They are extremely close to this day.

Now Shenzi, she has been more of a challenge. She has bonded very well with me - almost overly so, at the expense of her dad. She chooses me all the time, every time. When I leave the house though without her, leaving her with D, she does not cry and she is okay. She has bonded very well with her sitter though and has never cried when being left in her care.

I don't think that this transition though should hinder a child from being adopted. A child in an orphanage, without parents to care for them (documented ethically!), should be adopted. I think it is just important that we as adoptive parents understand what might be going through their minds emotionally and cognitively and be aware of the pressures of the physical changes as well.

Just found this interesting, would love your thoughts?


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